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The net provides you a lot of answers but you never know if those can be the best ones. It all depends on who you are asking your question. This is the BrainDoo core; You can ask your question to the right person. Passionate, expert, intellectual or wise.


Your Brain

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It’s time to share your knowledge!

What's the difference between having a good idea and sharing it? The result, indeed. Sharing a good idea is the best way to create many other brilliant ideas. Good idea, isn't it?


Save your time

Don't waste your time surfing the net and searching for the right answer. BrainDoo selects the person who can give you the right answer. It's all in a Click and it's completely anonimous.

Get your answers

Getting answers is the BrainDoo aim; it selects the best answer among the ones provided by the users.

Problem solving

Solving every kind of problems or giving you the right solution to your problem is what BrainDoo can do. (...)

The Ask Me Again Button

You can ask the same question again if you are not satisfied by the first answer you got. BrainDoo will search for something better.

How it works


The signed up users can ask questions and give answers to the white cockerel. There is no direct interaction between the BrainDoo users. Each user can ask questions to Braindoo (we call them buyers) and the system selects the best answer among the ones provided by other users (we call them sellers).

There is always an Ask Me Again

It may be possible that you are not satisfied by the answer provided, maybe you are still curious about anything in particular or you simply want to ask the same question again… the button Ask Me Again allows each user to get another answer from the system, after having evaluated the first one.

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Hit the charts, ask questions or get a champion

The BrainDoo App will be available in Italy as a firt preview.
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Getting to know *us

BrainDoo is the result of one of the great inspirations of a group of friends having in common a strong passion for the new technologies. “Sharing your knowledge, experience or competence in order to provide solutions to the users is what marks the difference between a normal app and BrainDoo” – observes the leader of Aspasia, the partner company supporting this ambitious project. The BD team gets ready to challenge the web thanks to its mascotte, the white cock, which guarantees you the best solution for all your questions.

* Try your skills

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Best thematic areas

The BrainDoo system organizes all the questions and answers from the users into Categories, that is to say thematic areas based on the main users’ needs.

  1. Love 28%
  2. Food & Restaurants 20%
  3. Music 11%
  4. Body Wellness 6%
  5. Other 35%

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Get answers about the App


E-mail us to You will get all the information about how the app works. You can also leave your comments or advice. Join the BrainDoo World and you'll be part of the best system to exchange any kinds of information.

What people say about us

I primissimi che hanno avuto la possibilità di provare BrainDoo ci hanno mandato il loro feedback e siamo orgogliosi del risultato.

"BrainDoo è diventato il mio consulente personale, io chiedo e lui risponde, ora è sempre con me e sempre pronto! Grazie infinite!" - "BrainDoo got my personal assistant. It is always with me! I ask questions and it immediately replies ☺ I can't do without!"

Stefania - Bologna

"con BrainDoo riesco a condividere le mie passioni, e quando ho bisogno so che dall'altra parte c'è qualcuno che mi pò aiutare" - "Thanks to BrainDoo, I can share information about my passions and I know there's always someone who is ready to answer me. Cool, isn't it?!"

Fabio - Milano

"BrainDoo riesce a fare quello che google non può, darmi una risposta di un appassionato, di un esperto o di altri, con il taglio che preferisco!" - "BrainDoo can do something that Google can't do; it gives me the right answer from the right Profile Person (Passionate, Intellectual, etc...). At last I can choose the specific kind of answer I want to get and I definitely love it"

Caterina - Firenze

Our small team gives birth to a new way of communicating and sharing your own ideas in order to spread knowledge. Join our community and get a Brain Seller if you believe in your ideas.

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